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Anonymous: what do you wear underneath white crop tops from brandy melville?

if i wear it with regualr shorts usually a black tank top. but i put it up a bit so i have some skin skin showing yet you can see the tank top peek a boo at the bottom. but if i wear it with high waisted skirt or jeans i just wear a white bandeau underneath if its see through.

Anonymous: Thanks you did help me :) also how is their Costumer service? I've heard it's pretty bad and also have you ever bought off brandy Melville's website? If you have what was your experience like? :)

well i guess it depends what store you go to. ive been to the one in hawaii, san diego & santa monica. hawaii & san diego were pretty nice. but the ones in santa monica not so much. i mean most the girls that work there on pretty & the wear nice clothes so they’re pretty intemidating. i actually never bought online & after hearing everything about it i dont plan on to. Hahah. & glad i could help (:

Anonymous: Does Brandy Melville have good quality clothes? :)

hmm, well most of their clothes are pretty reasonable & cheap prices. but most crop tops & skirts are thin & see through material. they might be thin but the designs are perfect. some of their stuff isnt so much see through like the sweaters, shorts & the tank tops arent as thin as the crop tops. So do they have good quality clothes.. material wise, eh. but look wise, yes. they are super cute. hope i helped! (:

Anonymous: Are the clothes you post yours or someone else's?

the clothes are mine! & usually the outfits i wore to school that day.